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aSuiteStay has pioneered an inclusive business model, where we bring to customers, best in class travel services through retail.

Our strategy lies in reaching the customer,  by creating an ocean of growth for us and our partners.

With our technology, existing travel agents and non-travel agents, offer bespoke travel itineraries in their local area to a greater audience online.  aSuiteStay enables travel agent/retailers, the processes, technology prowess, content and delivery capabilities of a global company, without investing a penny in any of these.

What we created is a global company that focuses on fostering commerce in different destinations around the globe. We focus on travel to cities, towns, and regions that have much to offer but are not as often traveled as major tourist destinations. We aim to create cultural understanding and expand the scope of tourism as it is today.   


Travel Professionals

aSuiteStay enables travel agents, tour operators, Hoteliers, and DMC to offer packages and tours through our online interface. Our product allows you to carry on business as usual, give customers online access, and get support from our 24/7 customer-care center. With more than 10,000 travelers in our audience, we give your packages the extra reach they need in a competitive market. 


Blogs - Website Affiliate Program

aSuiteStay enables blogs and travel related websites to offer our bespoke travel packages and recieve competitive commissions off of every sale referred through your site. aSuiteStay is different because we offer unique travel options to the traveler that feels they have done it all. 


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