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Are you a sophisticated traveler overtaken by wanderlust? Do you see pictures of destinations that seem out of reach? Have you traveled so much that you can’t imagine where to go next?


aSuiteStay takes you on a journey to experience the places that tourists usually don’t go. Our trips are engulfed in culture and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. We pride ourselves on introducing you to the new wonders of the world with safety, comfort, and style.


How it Works:


1. Explore our Gallery and find a trip that fills your wanderlust and travel schedule. 

2. Request the package. Our trips are curated by travel specialists from around the world. Many are tours     and packages guided by tour operators. We confirm your trip with the provider. 

3. Our specialists get in touch with you to confirm your trip. 

4. Pack your bags, you are on your way!


Why book with aSuiteStay:

Our Travel partners are locals and experts in their various region. We support their work by connecting you with them. We make travel amazing! If you don't believe in simply being a tourist, travel with aSuiteStay!